criSys was born at IBM's Call for Code hackathon, hosted at UC Berkeley on April 26th-28th, 2019. The hackathon was supported by IBM's Code and Response and Call for Code initiatives. This hackathon was looking for solutions to help with community preparedness and resiliency to disasters. We won third place for a $250 cash prize.


Our IBM group - Brian, Felix, Paul, and Larry Wu - wanted to target communication in improving community resiliency during a disaster, which is why we came up with criSys.


Link to demo website

In researching ways to improve community resilience to a disaster, our team found that communication and collaboration were key to saving lives. We found that there was no worldwide, uniting platform for disaster response. criSys was created to be this platform. Our vision was to allow leaders of these organizations, as well as those in charge of small local organizations, to be able to:

  • Get notified about disasters in their scope, which they could help with
  • Commuicate with other disaster relief organizations that are helping
  • View the situation, logistics, and be able to update the situation
criSys was designed to run as a scalable web application which would be easy to use, and unite across all boundaries, with a vision to replace old-fashioned systems and even work offline for applicable use cases (such as local communications). Our team decided to use Figma to present our project, which is also show in the embedded interactive pane above. Our backend infrastructure consists of Flask as our server-side language with REST API architecture, IBM Cloudant as our non-relational, distributive database, and IBM Cloud as our full-stack cloud platform for continuous delivery.