Why Apartment 401?


Our mission is to combine our skills learned at UC Berkeley and elsewhere to develop products and do projects. We want to make useful things, develop fun things, and build cool things.

The Whole

You might be wondering, what is this site? Why not make individual websites to showcase skills?

Our answer to that forms the basis for one of our values, that the whole is greater than one. Designing great products and making cool things isn't done without collaboration with others. That's why we have a Mechanical Engineer, a Data Scientist, a Computer Scientist, and a Bioengineer. (We also work with people outside of our apartment to gain experience with humans).

Nothing is Impossible

Cliche it may be, but we believe that if one sets one's mind to a task, it can be done. It may take time to find, but every problem has its solution. This solution lies in many minds put together, outside of the box, or even buried beneath thousands of lines of documentation. We believe that dedication trumps difficulty, that hard work can help in understanding the hardest topics, and that the traveling salesman should probably build an army of drones to sell and deliver instead.

Don't Run With Scissors

A quick action isn't always the best one. We are deliberate thinkers and planners. We do research before execution. In our projects, communiques, and designs, we are deliberate and professional. We value safety in our work, and discuss ethical and legal problems while planning. That's why we don't run with scissors.

Programming Languages and Tools

We have experience using Python, Java, Javascript, C, MATLAB, SQL, NoSQL, React.js, Django, and Flask.

Computer Science Fundamentals

We have experience working with data structures, algorithms, web development, and machine learning.

Engineering and Lab Techniques

We have worked with FDM 3D printers, mills, lathes, and CNC milling machines. We have practiced machine shop and laboratory safety.

Programs and Design Tools

We have experience with CAD programs such as AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS. We use Adobe's Creative Cloud Suite at a basic level for photography and design. We use the Microsoft Office suite proficiently.

Corporate Logistics and Public Relations

We have an external website which seems to have kept you reading this far, experience in email marketing and advertising, and leadership experience.