Apartment 401 is comprised of four students who met as UC Berkeley undergraduates. We study computer science, data science, bioengineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, and ethics. This website is a way for us to showcase our passion for our work. Apartment 401 works with other students, who are included below and credited in applicable projects.

Paul Ngoinfo
Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
Paul Ngoclose

Hello, I'm a current UC Berkeley undergraduate pursuing a double major in Bioengineering and Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences. I have a passion for photography and music, and love to do hands-on activities. I'm part of the Bioprinting Club and Steel Bridge Team at Berkeley, and enjoy playing frisbee and computer games in my free time.

Brian Nguyeninfo
Computer Science
Data Science
Brian Nguyenclose

Hello there! I am studying computer science and data science at UC Berkeley. I am particularly interested in the applications of machine learning and web development. In my free time, I develop websites, go to the gym, and binge on trending TV shows.

Felix Lininfo
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
Felix Linclose

Thanks for stopping by! I'm currently an undergraduate sophomore at UC Berkeley. I hope to eventually work on sustainable energy generation and storage technologies that will better our world. On campus, I'm an active member of the UC Berkeley Solar Vehicle Team (Calsol) as well as a nanoscale-supercapacitor research group.

In my free time, if I'm not feeling too lazy, I enjoy playing tennis. Otherwise, you'll probably find me watching television series and playing video games. I also love listening to hiphop, jazz, and electronic music, and playing the piano whenever I can.

Hiun Shiminfo
Computer Science
Hiun Shim /hɪ-u:n/close

Hi, I'm a student at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Chinese. I love to explore and meet all kinds of people. I treat my life as a lifelong adventure of learning and self-development. I believe that self-care is increadibly important, and when I'm not working on my projects, you can find me cooking or exercising and playing sports with my friends. I also like listening to music, playing guitar, and solving puzzles. I'm passionate about creating something that benefits others, and that we do it while having a blast.

Larry Wu
Computer Science